When weather conditions cause electric outages or on days when many members call in needing service, our Member Service Representatives are often overwhelmed. We want to try to answer every call, but in hectic times there are never enough people to answer all those calls.

On heavy call days, Jasper-Newton EC can ensure each member’s call gets documented and forwarded to the appropriate department with its Automated System.

Members have an alternative to waiting on hold – they can use our Automated System to report power outages. It’s fast, easy to use, and convenient. You can speak your information or punch in numbers on your telephone keypad.

What do you need to use the automated system?

  • Your home telephone number must be associated with your JNEC account.

  • You will need your Member/Account number, or

  • You will need your Meter number

What can you do using the automated system? 

  • Report a power outage.

  • Update your telephone number.

  • Get information about your electric bill, the balance due, and the payment date.

  • Pay your electric bill with a credit card or check.

As you see, you can take care of business using the automated system and save time. We know your time is valuable and hope this service gives you another way to take care of business with JNEC.

During regular office hours, if you dial 409-423-2241 or 800-231-9340, you can speak to one of our Member Service Representatives.

At any time of day, if you dial 409-423-2241 or 800-231-9340, you will be connected to the Automated System.