Why Is My Electric Bill More Than My Neighbor’s?

You have a TV, microwave, electric range, cooktop, refrigerator, heat pump, and computer. So does your next-door neighbor. So why is your electric bill almost twice as high every month?

Consider: How well are your walls insulated compared to your neighbor’s? Do you take longer, hotter showers? Are you cooking complicated meals or baking from scratch while your neighbor opts to microwave? Does the TV keep you company even when you’re not watching it?

Just as no two families are alike, no two electric bills are the same. Comparing your monthly statement to anyone else’s would be like comparing your weekly grocery tabs. It’s unlikely that any two families will spend the same amount on food because tastes and habits differ.

Think about the conveniences you might be willing to pay for that your neighbor isn’t. Are you more comfortable sleeping in an extra-cool house on summer nights? Maybe your neighbor’s thermostat setting is a few degrees warmer at bedtime.

The best way to lower your electric costs is to use energy more efficiently before the bill comes. If your neighbor’s bill is lower than yours, ask for some tips about how to save money by conserving energy around the house. D